Vermeer’s Frauen

„Critics have often noted that the women in Vermeer’s paintings cannot be considered beauties in the conventional sense of the word. Their beauty, instead, derives from the way they are painted and from the harmonic context in which they inhabit. „The qualities that we attribute to Vermeer’s work as a whole apply equally to the women they picture: paintings and personages share dignity, equilibrium and an exceptional of both vivid presence and abstract purity. The figures range from girlish to maternal, yet all are youthful, with high curved foreheads, features that evenly balance the individual and the classical, and simple believable postures. Their costuming—its coloring, shapes and associations contributes so much to bodily construction and expression that the absence of nudes from Vermeer’s oeuvre hardly seems surprising.“ from: „Vermeer’s Women“…

Botticelli’s schöne Frauen

Botticelli ist einer der bedeutendsten Maler der italienischen Renaissance. Er war berühmt für seine Frauenporträts und seine Fähigkeit Weiblichkeit als Ausdruck des Lebens und der Natur in all ihren Fazetten abzubilden.